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Patient Financial Navigator Foundation is thrilled to present Employer Program–.
EMPLOYER outreach:
GOAL: 30 min “Lunch and Learn’ with the employees.
              Thru interviewing with the Human Resource department, the Foundation staff will identify 3 (or more) key areas to teach to the employees of the business. After reviewing of the business’s insurance benefits and outline of coverage, a 30 mins training will be developed with the HR leadership

Areas to cover:
              Healthcare buzz – updates on national healthcare changes, statistics on health issues, discussion points, etc.
              Explanation of the business’s EOB – how to read the codes, copayment and deductible, amount written off due to contracts, etc.
              Other key employer unique features within the insurance plan- like health savings accounts, examples of out of network, etc.
              The 30 min ‘lunch and learn’ is shared with the employees with Q&A at the end.
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“Transforming the hassle factor in healthcare – one patient, one family, one employer, one community at a time.”