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This is the pearl for the patient who accesses the hospital from an ER visit – is scared and worried about –“what happens now? What will my insurance pay? I have never used my insurance before. My child is sick and I don’t know what is happening with my insurance, etc.”

The Foundation can work with the local hospital to create a data base of all the local insurance plans, employer specific when possible. In addition, a reference library will be available with general reference guides on Medicare, state Medicaid, Advance directives, who to contact for estimates/internal, written guideline on the steps that will occur – based on the care the family member is having – surgery, medical, ER discharge, inpt, etc. If internal referrals to existing services are appropriate, the Resource library will facilitate the referrals. A glossary of terms will be especially important to the community …
 The ongoing support and updating of the data base – thru ongoing employer outreach, payer interviews and government changes- will be a key element of the Resource Library. All areas within the health system refer to the Library for any patients with onsite questions and concerns.
Patient Financial Navigator Foundation is thrilled to bring the 3rd leg of the Foundation –
“Transforming the hassle factor in healthcare – one patient, one family, one employer, one community at a time.”
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