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Community Outreach
The Foundation is committed to providing quality health education to the community of the Twin Falls area. On top of the bootcamps, the Foundation is committed to hosting and participating in a wide range of community activities to provide our unique educational perspective to different groups impacted by the Healthcare industry. We will continually update this page with all the different community events we are participating in. Please contact us for more informaiton if you would like to participate in any of these events.
“Transforming the hassle factor in healthcare – one patient, one family, one employer, one community at a time.”
Small Business Insurance Work Group.
Goal: To identify options for small businesses, learn how insurance rates are created for small businesses; explore how to broaden the risk pool while sharing knowledge to the community. Beginning Oct 2017.
High School Seniors and College Allied Health Education
Goal: To teach "Insurance 101" to the high school seniors and related college classes with the goal of teaching the different types of insurance, how it works/what the words mean, and the responsibility of individual health management and costs. Beginning 1st Quarter 2018- roll out to all Magic Valley High School seniors.
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